Our Mission

The Telemachia is dedicated to the classical world; we forge a community of scholars and thinkers interested in the classics. We firmly believe that the classics are ever-present in all that we do: our words, politics, and literature (to name a few), echo the classical styles. We exist with a purpose: to promote the foundational thinkers, values, and works of classical antiquity. This is best achieved, we believe, through modern works of writing, art, and other mediums that reflect our classical origins.

We feature academic writing, creative writing, art, and other work that alludes to the classics; all work is either submitted by contributors or created by our staff. Our newsletter strives to keep the classics current, inhabiting inboxes with classics in the news, classical derivatives, noteworthy quotes, and more.

Why "The Telemachia"?

The Telemachia marks the first four books of Homer's Odyssey. In this stage, skeptical Telemachus is led, by Athena in disguise, in search of answers of his own origin, and of his father's life.

As Athena represents wisdom, our version of The Telemachia leads its reader towards wisdom of the classics, their classical origins, and the classics' place in the modern world. Any classicist, self-proclaimed or degree-holding, can take part in this leadership through their own submissions.

Our Logo

logo by Kayla Kane

logo by Kayla Kane

Our logo strives to depict The Telemachia in numerous ways. One one hand, the symbol of the owl is an ancient one; after all, we base the image off of Athena. However, the geometric shape brings a modern light to our logo, and as such, our publication entertains classics as central to modern life. The glasses on the owl act to further signify the attainment of wisdom that the study of classics allows.