Kayla Kane Founder, Main Editor

Kayla knew that something was up when she read Homer's Odyssey in her ninth grade English class and loved it. When she translated Caesar in Latin the next year, she basically declared her classics major then and there. Kayla formed The Telemachia as a means of bringing classicists together, with the goal of keeping the classics relevant. On an ordinary day, Kayla can be found emulating Cicero in a MUN conference or doing classically-inspired graphic design. Kayla's life aspirations include publishing an original Latin translation and professing Homeric literature. 

Lizzy Tommey -Vice Editor

Lara Sachdeva Newsletter Editor



Chiara D’Ubaldi

Chiara is a classics student at Kings College London. Chiara was born in Italy where she studied Latin and Greek before moving to Germany. This new international experience opened up her eyes to many things, including the usefulness of Latin and Greek, especially in learning new languages like German. Thus, Chiara decided to restart her study of classics at University. Chiara is curious and loves learning new things; in her own words, “Everything is a new opportunity to enrich my knowledge!”


Chiara Bolognesi

Chiara, born in Italy, studies classics at Pisa University. To Chiara, the best thing about classics is it's tendency to mirror our contemporary society.


Olga Sharshukova

Olga, from Russia, is currently a third-year classics student at Russian State University for Humanities. As she learned from classes early on at university, such as Latin, classics was her true passion, and she soon transferred to the classics department from history. Olga recognizes the best summer of her life as the one in which she mastered the ancient Greek language. Olga's favorite ancient author is Virgil, and she is fascinated by the structure of linguistics. Olga notes, "I think that classics has changed me somehow" and, "As every philologist does, I read a lot and I enjoy the process."