Change Our Ancient Ways


Kayla is the founder of The Telemachia. As a graphic designer in her free time, she enjoys incorporating classics into her work.

"This graphic design piece addresses gender inequality through the lens of classical antiquity. The overarching theme, "change our ancient ways," is addressed differently in each piece. In this way, my art implies that the issues we consider "ancient" are still widely apparent today. Stylistically, I drew inspiration from the designer Paul Rand, attempting to emulate his variety of collage styles."

Tile #1: "Change Our Ancient Ways"

This tile gives the tagline to the entire set. Symbols include the olive branch, denoting peace, as well as an arrow signaling the viewer to move forward (to progress towards gender equality).

Tile #2: "Roots Like Homer"

This piece displays Odysseus' bed, which is rooted in the ground, much like the role of his wife who remains home throughout the epic (weaving and unweaving a burial shroud). A survey found that 8 in 10 women with husbands report feeling similarly rooted to their homes, holding greater domestic responsibilities than their partner.

Tile #3: "Less Athens, More Sparta"

In ancient Athens, women possessed little-to-no human rights. In Sparta, however, women were seen as valuable members of society, and were required to obtain an education. Today, 62 million girls are deprived of an education globally. This piece addresses the idea that we, as global citizens, must solve this ancient Athenian issue of education, still apparent today.

Tile #4: "The Hippocratic Oath"

As a play on the Hippocratic oath, this piece places an ancient greek figure alongside a  still-modern inequality. This piece is a call to action, that we must encourage the participation of women in STEM, a field stereotypically perceived as "masculine."