Digital Busts

by nicholas aceves

Nicholas is a current graphic design major at Cal State San Bernardino. 

#1: Caracalla, #2: Ludovisi Ares

"What inspired me to do these was last spring, during a painting class I took, the instructor placed a few objects in the room to draw in order to see the skill level among students. One of the objects was a sculpture bust of a man, and from there I took the sketch to a vector following the same process I would later do for Caracalla and Ludovisi Ares. That original portrait kickstarted my following work being based around line art, minimal aesthetic, color theory of yellow, brown, orange, red, black and white ( very romanesque ).

For Emperor Caracalla and other upcoming Roman-inspired work, I don’t look at politics of the Roman Empire but rather, I take a single object and analyze it as is. When I came across the photo [of Caracalla], I didn’t know who I was looking at, but words like stress, determined, power, and beaten, all came to mind and then I started on the sketches. It wasn’t until after I was finished that I did my research. As for the Ludovisi Ares, I looked to the same approach."

You can find more of Nicholas' work on Instagram, @nicholasaceves.