Roxanne holds a MFA/MS in Studio Art and Art History from Pratt Institute, and is currently an MA candidate for Art History at Hunter College. You can find more of Roxanne's work on Instagram @roxanne_jacobson, or at


#1 and #2: From Plato's Republic #3: From Plato's Gorgias

"As an art historian whose focus is on ancient and prehistoric art, my art practice engages with archaeology in a variety of media. 

This collage series, which I call Artifacts, is a melancholic response to the anti-intellectualism and anti-science undercurrents that are present in our society today. The textual artifacts made from Plato’s text, are in the shape of lithic and ceramic artifacts. They are configured on the page as they would be in an actual archaeological textbook, numbered and labeled as figures and plates. They are, as I imagine them, illustrated in a history book of a distant, future civilization."

Kayla Kane