Yes, I Study Classics, and Yes, I Post About It




Chiara is a staff writer for The Telemachia. A university student at Kings College London, Chiara is pursuing a degree in classics.


I don’t remember how I found out about the studygram community. What I remember is that as soon as I saw the first account, I knew I wanted to be part of it.

But what does having a studygram mean? And having a studygram as a Classics student?

Studygrams are Instagram accounts focused on studying, photos of notes, or journals; it is a blog of the student life. This means that you start sharing your notes, your study routine and methods with, ideally, people from all over the world.

Studygrams of Classics students are not exactly the most common ones. I soon started worrying that that my study routine of my first year at university (mostly translations for my Latin and Greek languages) might have not been suitable for a studygram: who could be interested in seeing my translations, and maybe some grammar notes? But I was wrong.

Chocostudies, the name of my studygram, is not the most famous and popular studygram online, but it has been, and it still is, amazing to see how the “Classics community” does exist. Furthermore I found out how you don’t need to be a classics student to understand a classical studies routine (after all, I follow many med students’ accounts), and translations and grammar notes of someone studying ancient languages are not much different from the those studying modern languages.

I found out that having a studygram works as an excellent motivation. It is not just you anymore, and even without thousands of followers, you know you have someone who liked your work, and decided to follow your account to see more of it. You should work. It’s a reminder to try being a little productive every day, to try always your best.

In addition to this, a studygram does also work as a sort of journal of your studies. You worked hard, and now there, online, visible to the whole world, there is a proof of that. In hard times, it has helped me to know that I did not just waste my time, but that I have been working until that moment, and it was not time to give up. It makes me proud. At the beginning, I didn’t want people who knew me to know about this second Instagram account. But that was a mistake; I should have been proud all along. Because, hey, look, I study, yes, I like learning something new and I am working for my future and to reach my goals and my dreams.

People working at the bank will still ask me what I can do with my Classics degree with that smile of someone who has no idea of all the skills you develop studying the ancient languages, and who has no idea of the beauty of ancient literature, but I’ll still go back home, do some work on my passion and for my dream, I will still believe in it, and now, I will take a photo and I’ll post it for all those other people that believe in working hard for what you want, or for those who need to see that someone still believes in it.

Kayla Kane