Whose Golden Apple Never Reached My Hand...


Founder of The Telemachia, Kayla's poem assumes the perspective of Juno, who, as described in Vergil's Aeneid, despises the Trojan race.


Dardanus, from my spouse, Electra bore

Founded the race despiséd by my soul

From which came Ganymede with the crude goal

Of stealing Jupiter, my heart it tore;

The race that shall with Carthage battle and

In its eponymous battle destroy,

And I won’t mention Paris’ female toy

Whose golden apple never reached my hand…

My fate cannot be changed, I shall admit

But I can incur endless Trojan plight

With many twist and turns I’ll thwart culprit

Aeneas, and upset his Trojan flight

By means of winds Aeolus shall omit

Against the Trojans; suff’ring won’t be slight.



Kayla Kane